Getting Started


Woo3DViewer is essentially a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin, so the requirements are as follows:

  • WooCommerce 2.6+
  • WordPress 4+
  • Chrome browser for generating WEBM videos
  • Large enough values for post_max_size and upload_max_filesize in php.ini


After you purchase the plugin you should receive file, which can be installed through the WP admin area or manually using an FTP client.

Basic Usage

WordPress usage:

  • Make sure you have Load Everywhere option enabled in General Settings
  • In the admin navigate to Woo3DViewer page, Shortcode Builder tab
  • Click "Set model"
  • Click "Generate" button to generate the shortcode
  • Paste the shortcode to any page or a post

WooCommerce usage:
  • Make sure you have WooCommerce installed
  • Create a new product or edit an existing one
  • Underneath "Product Image" check "Product model" box
  • Click "Set model" and upload your model
  • Publish the product
  • Now you can alter model settings (color, transparency, etc) in “Product model” box
  • Save the product again

Theme Compatibility

If you're going to use WooCommerce make sure that your theme declares WooCommerce support. It's worth checking how the product page looks like. The plugin follows theme's layout, so keep in mind that the product image column should be wide enough as this will be the column where the product 3D viewer is displayed.


Please refer to the FAQ page.


The plugin is open source and GPL licensed.

Model Processing


The paid version of the plugin provides some server side operations such as model repair and polygon reduction. For processing models are sent to our server and cached for 2 days.

Model Repair

If the 3D mesh described in the model contains holes, or edges are misaligned (known as being non-manifold), then model repair will attempt to fix any problems it can.

Supported models: STL, OBJ

Polygon Reduction

Polygon reduction lightens a heavy object by reducing the number of polygons, while still retaining a useful fidelity to the shape of the original high-resolution version. Some shapes can be reduced significantly (e.g. a sphere), some can not be reduced (e.g. a cube). This feature helps decreasing the file size and loading models faster.

Supported models: STL, OBJ


General Settings

This page contains default options related to the frontend viewer such as background color, light sources, mirror, shadows, etc.

Shortcode Builder

On this page you can see the visual shortcode builder. It's options are prefilled with default settings defined on "General Settings" tab.


Woo3DViewer is translation ready which means you can change any text of the plugin. The easiest to do this is to use Loco Translate plugin.